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Business Contracts

Drawing-up/Preparation or Review of Various Commercial Agreements.

international transactions

It is not a coincidence that, all commercial agreements lay the framework for a long period and firm cooperation between the parties. This would have to obviously rely on the accurate and clear content of the agreement. Likewise, parties to an agreement should fully understand and properly fulfill their relevant rights and obligations under any piece of engagement. To this end, our firm would be happy to draw up various types of commercial agreements for your company, or undertake a review of an existing agreement to see if the interests of your company is locked-up/protected well and/or if the agreement meets the requirements of any applicable law.

Our commercial lawyers can prepare or review all types of legal contracts including purchase or sale of business, franchise agreements, supply agreements, service agreements, distribution agreements, partnership agreements and commercial contracts.

We’ll make sure that the contract terms and conditions are suitable for your business now and into the future and ensure that due diligence standards are met.