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Intellectual Property Law

IP is an essential business tool that every company needs to protect

intellectual property law

Intellectual property (IP) is a term referring to creations of the intellect for which a monopoly is assigned to designated owners by law. Some common types of intellectual property rights (IPR) are copyright, patents, and industrial design rights; and the rights that protect trademarks, trade dress, and in some jurisdictions trade secrets: all these cover music, literature, and other artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs.

Intellectual property law deals with the rules for securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works. Just as the law protects ownership of personal property and real estate, so too does it protect the exclusive control of intangible assets.

Companies around the world – leading pharmaceutical innovators, fast-growing Internet and other technology companies, established multinational corporations and early development companies – turn to us for their most important intellectual property (IP) and technology needs.

We offer a full range of legal services for the acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of intellectual property and technology assets in the areas of:

  • IP dispute resolution/ litigation;
  • Rights of publicity and privacy;
  • Copyrights;
  • Trademarks;
  • Patents;
  • E-business;
  • Handled data privacy breaches;
  • Represent clients with respect to trade secret, counterfeiting, and price discrimination issues;
  • Online enforcement protocols, privacy policies, user and membership agreements.

Furthermore, when your organization’s legal needs move beyond IP issues, attorneys in the group are able to connect you to the advice, expertise and support you might need from their full-service commercial law firms.