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It is necessary that any business is operated with a relevant license. The license is a document, which states that the business is free to operate in a specific industry. A license may be issued by authorities, to allow an activity that would otherwise be forbidden. It may require paying a fee and/or proving a capability. The requirement may also serve to keep the authorities informed on a type of activity, and to give them the opportunity to set conditions and limitations.

It is a proof of permit and obligation that is issued from the local city council, state government or the federal government. It states that the business, which is given the license, has all the necessary resources and has fulfilled the requirements by law to operate in the given industry. A license is the one that protects a business from all the legal issues and give it a right to operate under certain terms and conditions.

A license, although is a freedom to operate a business comes with certain rules and codes of conduct that are to be followed closely. In the article to follow, we shall discuss about how to go about acquiring a license to conduct business in the construction sector. According to legal system of the Republic of Azerbaijan there are 36 fields of business required to get a license.

We will:

  • Consult about the license that you need;
  • Apply for a relevant license;
  • Provide to with a proper documentations;
  • Assist you to get proper license in a short time.

For the all kinds of licensing and registration services you can choose our firm.