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For the attention of foreign and stateless persons entering Azerbaijan Republic

According to ‘Azerbaijan Republics Migration Code’s article number 76.3, the code that defines the legal status of the foreigners and stateless persons in a territory of Azerbaijan Republic, the foreigners visiting the country with visa should follow the purpose of their visits. 

What kind of visa types available according Azerbaijani legislation?

With this brief article, we tried to describe some useful information for businessmen, tourism companies and tourists to whom Azerbaijan is attractive.

Investment in Azerbaijan

If you want to travel to Azerbaijan and explore the existing business opportunities there and in this way found new businesses, invest in or even expand the capacity of your investment, but if you don’t know how to execute it, this concise article will be beneficial for you.

Investment Incentive Certificate

In order to stimulate capital investments by local and foreign entrepreneurs and create new jobs in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan (“Azerbaijan”), the President of Azerbaijan approved “The procedure for granting a certificate on the promotion of investments” by his Decree No. 745, dated July 18, 2017.